Bitcoin payments accepted

bitcoin QR code

As of August 2015, I’m accepting bitcoin payments for all invoices. My public address for bitcoin payments is


or scan the QR-code on the right.

Launch promo: every payment in BTC will receive a 10% reduction


What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an online currency that can be sent and received by anyone in the world, relying on computers to control the transfer and creation of money without human intervention, which results in low costs, no government corruption, and super-fast transfer.

In short: Bitcoin is pretty much like cash for the Internet.

Why would you want to accept it

I believe in a system where money isn’t controlled by banks and if I want to believe in that system, I have to put my money/bitcoin where my mouth is.

Isn’t it dangerous for your business

There is a risk involved in the converting bitcoins to euro, because of fluctuating conversion rates. However, if I want I can keep the amount paid in bitcoin till later or I can instantly convert the bitcions in cash. So the risk is quite small. But I’m aware of it.

What exchange rate do you use

For the moment I’m using the exchange rate of at the moment of generating the invoice. That value stays valid until the due date of the invoice.

This will change in the future.


If you have more questions about bitcoin payments for my services, mail me at