FAQ: I shoot, you decide!

Project #30303030: Bruno Monteiro

Last thursday I posted here, that I’m doing the “I shoot, you decide!” experiment till the end of the year. Now I noticed that a lot of people have some questions about this, that’s why I decide to post the answers here.

I have no clue what a shoot is worth, can’t you just give me a price to pay?

No, I can’t, I understand it can be hard to determine what the value is of a portrait shoot. However the purpose of this experiment is to have you decide what the shoot is worth to you. It is important to me that you are guided by your circumstances and your satisfaction for the experience and the end product.

I can try to give you some pointers, if you look on the internet, you’ll find that for a similar package prices range from 100 euro to 2500 euro. So that is not really a big help. I can tell you that the final cost for me, including film, chemistry and papers will be around 50 euro for every shoot.

What’s the catch? What happens when you find that I don’t pay enough?

There is no correct price, I’m not expecting any fixed amount. If you think that the package is only worth a coffee, then buy me one. If you are not comfortable handing me cash, just hand me an enveloppe, I’ll only open it after you leave.

Do you prefer to give me something else instead of cash, that’s possible too. After all, I’m throwing the conventional invoicing model out of the window.

I can guarantee, that when you book a shoot, I’ll deliver the whole package, regardless of what’s it worth to you.

How does it work, when do I pay and can I get an invoice?

Every shoot will go according to the following steps:

  1. You contact me for a booking
  2. We discuss the type of shoot you want and decide on a date, time and place
  3. I’ll come to you and we first get acquainted and discuss how we will do it
  4. During 1-2 hours I’ll be photographing you with an analog camera. I’ll make some photos with a digital camera too, so that you have an idea how everything will look
  5. The film gets developed and I print a contact sheet, with all the images
  6. During our next meeting, you can have a look at the photos and decide which ones you want to have enlarged
  7. Afterwards you decide how much the shoot was worth for you and I’ll make an invoice if necessary
  8. If you want more prints than included in the package, we’ll discuss this, however for these I have to charge a fixed amount because of supplier costs
  9. I’ll make all the enlargements and deliver them if possible personally

Can I really give what I want?


Are you going to earn a living from it?

To be honest, I really have no idea. This project is a gamble.

That’s why it’s a temporary project, if it doesn’t work out, it’ll end after this action. If it succeeds, it can become a permanent package.

Are there rules?

To quote a famous movie: “There is only ONE rule: there are no rules!”