Engagement shoot 1920’s style: Mattias and Adinda

Mattias en Adinda 1920's themed engagement shoot on film

A little over a month ago when I launched my second I shoot, you decide, I got contacted by Mattias and Adinda. They are getting married in August and wanted to have an engagement shoot with the resulting large print to fill a hole on their wall.

Their wedding will have a retro theme, so they asked if I could do a shoot in 1920’s style. I loved the idea and we started researching and preparing the shoot. (Thank you Pinterest)

Fast forward to last sunday, we all ended up in the Jazz club – café Minor Swing in Gent. Not only were Mattias, Adinda and I present, but we also had a lot of great help from stylist Linda Van Waesberge and my girlfriend Sara. I would like to thank them both for being there, because without the outfits and props of Linda and the assistance I got from Sara, the shoot would have been very different.

Some technical info: 1920’s means film and even film noir, so I used my Mamiya RB67 and some black and white Rollei Retro 80s film. I also needed some flashes and my newest addition a smoke machine. We didn’t manage to shoot a behind the scenes video, but I’m pretty sure that Sara will put some behind the scenes photos on her blog, later this week.

Monday I developed the rolls, because when I looked at the digital test photos, I knew it would be an awesome result. But I’ll let you jugde for yourself, don’t hesitate to give me some feedback in the comments.

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