Hacked and moving

Wind rooster


One is my move from Dendermonde to Sart-Risbart, a little village next to the E411 just below Louvain-la-neuve.

The move and the renovations before the move have taken up all my free time lately, which also means I haven’t been taking photos like I would like, but hopefully that will change in the coming time.

Also my move doesn’t mean I’m leaving behind all my clients, definitely not, I’m just expanding my horizon with a possible extra set of clients.


The other is the reason why this site is in a horrible condition for the moment.

The last couple of months, this site and others that I’m maintaining have been subject of continuous attacks by spammers and black hat hackers.

It got that bad, that one of my sites even got warnings from google. No matter what I tried, I was fighting a loosing battle. It seemed that the hackers had fought a way in one of my websites and were so able to access all my other sites as well.

So I decided to move my websites away from wordpress and use a static site generator, his name is Hugo. This means that everything on this site is plain HTML and Javascript and I’m generating the pages on my own computer. A welcome extra is that the site loads a lot faster.

The transition went very smooth, but because of the hacking most of my photos have been deleted (by myself by accident), I’m slowly finding all the photos and will add them back in the next couple of days. As you guessed however it is a monks work, so it takes time, to do it by hand.

To avoid this issue in the future, my source-files are now on dropbox and my site is also available as a repository on github. That way I always have several backups of my website and it’s contents and I can even rebuild and deploy a previous version, so that I always have a working site online.