Paris in the rain


View from Montmartre in Paris

Tourist view

Tourists watching the view in the rain in Paris


Metro de Paris

[snapshot] 22˚ halo around the moon

22˚ halo around the moon in Aalst

Last night while I was experimenting with long exposures on film, I noticed a halo around the moon. I thought this to be a fairly unique phenomena so I rushed to get my digital camera.

It turned out to be a 22˚ halo around the moon, something that occurs more regularly, but I did never notice it before. You can read more about it on wikipedia

Anyway as I took the photos, I thought I’d share them with you.

22˚ halo around the moon in Aalst

Archive – 2008

landscape 2008

Last 2 weeks I had an intern over here and while we were browsing through my archives, he noticed I have a lot of pictures I never published. So I decided to post some images from my archives. This will be a regular feature, some images may be reposts.

In the first post I’ll post some landscapes from 2008.


Sunset over the sea

landscape 2008

landscape 2008

landscape 2008

Let me know if you like these in the comments or through the various social media.

Concentration and emotions


During my job today for Lotto at Super prestige cyclocross in Gavere I had the chance to photograph some of the cyclists. I love the difference in concentration and emotions, I managed to capture on such a short time.






[Packshots] Nespresso Kazaar and Dharkan

Nespresso Kazaar and Dharkan packshot

As you probably know by now, my girlfriend Sara receives a lot of review products for her blog. As she has a photographer around, she hands of the photography to me. If I have the time, I do like to play around a bit with techniques I haven’t used before. Especially if the subject is new tastes from Nespresso, mainly because I live on coffee.

Although I’m not a big fan of most Nespresso tastes, but the new, previously limited, kazaar and dharkan tastes I do love. Nespresso has a great brand and always uses great photography. Every time I do a shoot with Nespresso capsules, I try to interpret the brand and the tastes as I see it. On the Nespresso intensity scale, Kazaar and Dharkan, are respectively 12 and 11 and so they are of the scale. I tried to show this in the photos.

Next to the above, I also wanted to use fluids moved by the vibrations of music from a speaker. This made for the perfect combination to play around. So free afternoon, my inspiration, 1 song on repeat and a huge amount of coffee, resulted in the following images.

Hit me with your comments. Also if anybody from Nespresso reads this, you can book me if you like these.

Nespresso Kazaar and Dharkan packshot Nespresso Kazaar and Dharkan packshot Nespresso Kazaar and Dharkan packshot Nespresso Kazaar and Dharkan packshot Nespresso Kazaar and Dharkan packshot Nespresso Kazaar and Dharkan packshot Nespresso Kazaar and Dharkan packshot Nespresso Kazaar and Dharkan packshot

[Client] Pepsi and Beyoncé nail art

Pepsi nail art>

Half may the pop artist Beyoncé was supposed to give 2 shows in Antwerp. For this event, the people of Pepsi launched a short campaign to promote Pepsi and their link to Beyoncé. They asked Rebecca Lal, champion of Belgium in nail art to create a tutorial for painting the swirl of Pepsi on your own nails.

That’s how I ended up in a very unfamiliar place on morning in April, to shoot the illustrative photos for the tutorial. The result is the flyer you see above.

It was a fun assignment to do and definitely a challenge to photograph.

I’ll be king promotion

King promotion

As you may know, our belgian king Albert II announced his abdication and he will be handing his crown to prince Filip. Coincidentally that happens to be my name, so to celebrate me becoming king, I launched the “I’ll be king promotion”.

You’ll get the following package for only 199 euro (incl. VAT), normal price is 399 euro (incl. VAT).

  • Portrait shoot on black and white film (portrait, family, boudoir, pet, engagement, pregnancy, etc)
  • 1 handmade wet print of 50×60 cm
  • 3 handmade wet prints of 24×30 cm
  • Digital scans of the photos

The promotion is valid until the 21st of july, when prince Filip will be king.

Book now via, the contactform or call +32 486 36 29 61

[PitsLamp-short] Saturday packshots

Packshots Sleek MakeUP blush>

Every now and then, my girlfriend Sara asks me to take photos of the products she receives to review for her blog. Today I got my gear out and started experimenting with some new techniques for packshots.

This time it were packshots for cosmetic products including the brands Caudalie and Sleek MakeUP. Enjoy the results here, these shots are almost straight out of camera, I just made some small adjustments with the iPad.

Packshots Caudalie Figue de Vigne>

Cliché remarks to a photographer


This is the last blogpost in my short series about my frustrations. Have a look at my previous ones over at Frustrations of a photographer and What does a photographer cost?.

As a photographer there are a number of clichés remarks that photographers hear on a daily basis. Some funny, some less funny and some are just insulting.

Here is a list of the most heard remarks.

Paper doesn’t like me.

This is the one I hear the most. It gives me the impression that most people don’t like themself. As a photographer I’m responsible for making sure everybody looks good on a photo, so with a remark like that you are basically telling me I’m not good at my job, even before you so any results.

Made any good photos lately, it has to with such a camera|

I like to work with satisfied clients, this implies I do my job well and make good photos.

Aside from the previous, it does not matter what type of camera I use, when you had a good meal, you are not complimenting the chef on his stove.

For me the camera is a tool, a way to achieve a result. Obtaining the result with one camera may be easier than with another, but even with the most expensive and most advanced camera in the world, you can still make bad pictures.

You can photoshop, can’t you?

A remark made by women as well as men. Yes I do make some adjustments on a photo, like colour, contrast and cadrage, however I’m not going to photoshop 300 photos.

I did not become photographer, to spend hours behind a computer, photoshopping wrinkles and excessive fat. I don’t like converting an honest portrait into a barbie.

Hey, hey take my picture

A remark made whenever somebody finds him or herself interesting and mostly combined with alcohol intoxication. If I want a photo, I’ll ask you or make it. However it can get worse, when that somebody interferes with a shoot I’m doing for other people, who payed for my time and expertise. Keep in mind that the photo I do make if you ask for it probably won’t make the cut after all.

Can you join our party/show/birth/…, do bring your camera.

You can read my answer to this remark over at Frustrations of a photographer.

Have a look at our vacation photos, what do you think?

Followed by a computer, iPad, iPhone or even a camera, with x thousand photos of their travel companion in front of some great view, photographed in the middle of the day and/or flashed (in very bad light). After about 100 photos my interest is gone, even it are photos from the best photographer in the world. Just make a selection and only show the 100 best.

Also I don’t like to comment on photos if they are not from a fellow photographer, nobody wants to hear my comments on their photos, they just want to have the bragging rights, that a photographer liked their photos.

Is this coming in the papers?

Not every photos is meant to be put in a paper and even if it is for the paper, the photographer doesn’t decide which photo gets published.

This was my last post in the mini series about my frustrations. Now we’re back to the normal routine on here.

[I shoot people] I.

Film noir: Detective

Yesterday I was shooting with I. for a upcoming project with the large format camera. We had some time left after the shoot and decided to do some fun stuff. Here are the results, enjoy.

20130612_MN_idoia_pouilliers-1743 20130612_MN_idoia_pouilliers-1782 20130612_MN_idoia_pouilliers-1807 20130612_MN_idoia_pouilliers-1831 20130612_MN_idoia_pouilliers-1833 20130612_MN_idoia_pouilliers-1886