[PitsLamp shorts] Self-portrait

Selfportrait by Filip Bunkens (Pitslamp) on 500px.com

Today my motivation for work is kinda low, because of all kinds of creative ideas floating around in my head. So I decided to just play for an hour.

The skylight in our living room catches quite a lot of sun and whenever the sun is coming through it, I tend to stop for a moment and enjoy the sun on my face. That gave me the idea, to shoot a adoration picture of myself enjoying the sun.

[PitsLamp shorts] Tom

Tom by Filip Bunkens (Pitslamp) on 500px.com

It took more then a year, but Tom, a very talented sports photographer, finally made it to our house.

We have a rule that everybody who comes by the house has to be photographed on some kind of a polaroid, so we did a quick portrait in the garden

[PitsLamp shorts] Shell ‘s burning!

Fire at Gasstation Wetteren - E40

Last night while returning from an assignment with Pieter we were instructed to leave the E-40 in Wetteren because of a fire at the reststop/gas station.

Curious and us both being photographers with my gear in the trunk we could not pass up on the opportunity to turn back and go shoot some photos. The above photo is one of them, you can find more on Flickr.

This morning I sold the photos to Het Laatste Nieuws and they will be published in the paper of monday. That’s how I like to start the weekend.

[PitsLamp shorts] Martijn Bal

Martijn Bal by Filip Bunkens (Pitslamp) on 500px.com

Last wednesday I was the photographer for the launch of MIX in The Egg in Anderlecht.

At the same time Martijn Bal got introduced as director of MIX, which meant passing in front of my lens for a quick portrait

[PitsLamp shorts] Sara

Sara by Filip Bunkens (Pitslamp) on 500px.com

My new 180mm and Polaroid back for the Mamiya RB67 finally arrived and as always my first photo with new material is of my wonderful girlfriend Saravdv.

[PitsLamp shorts] Stijn

Stijn by Filip Bunkens (Pitslamp) on 500px.com

A quick portrait of fellow photographer and friend Stijn in our favorite meeting place, ‘t Apostelken.

[PitsLamp shorts] Voil jeanette

Voil Jeanetten are no transvestites by Filip Bunkens (Pitslamp) on 500px.com

As I’m living in Aalst, which is kinda really famous for it’s carnival parade and “Voil Jeanette” parade. I could not pass up on the opportunity to go out there and shoot the “Voil Jeanette” parade with my Mamiya RB67.

There is a bit of controversy surrounding the Voil jeanetten parade, as there are a lot of transvestites taking part. This was never the purpose of the parade.

[PitsLamp shorts] Anneleen

Anneleen by Filip Bunkens (Pitslamp) on 500px.com

As a photographer, you need to do some personal projects from time to time.

That’s why I do shoots with friends of mine. Like the image above is from a shoot with Anneleen where I focused on shooting portraits with one light source, a softbox.

[PitsLamp shorts] Tamara and Imke

Pregnancy by Filip Bunkens (Pitslamp) on 500px.com

Yesterday, my sister gave birth to a new member of the family, Jarne.

A couple of weeks ago, I did a pregnancy shoot of my sister, of course I couldn’t leave without a picture with her and my godchild, Imke.

[PitsLamp shorts] Claire

Claire by Filip Bunkens (Pitslamp)) on 500px.com

I wanted to try out shooting only with my Mamiya RB67 on film, without any digital help. So when Claire asked if I wanted to do a shoot with her I was glad to accept.