[PitsLamp shorts] Frederik

[Canon EOS 3] Frederik by Filip Bunkens (Pitslamp)) on 500px.com

When I met Frederik a while ago I had a roll of Kodak Tri-X to finish, so I took this quick portrait.

[PitsLamp shorts] Annette

[Mamiya RB67] A. by Filip Bunkens (Pitslamp)) on 500px.com

Annette at the waterfront in Temse, portrait was taken on assignment.

[PitsLamp shorts] Mist

Above the mist by Filip Bunkens (Pitslamp)) on 500px.com

When you wake up in the Ardennes and there is a lot of mist during sunrise, the only you thing you can do as a photographer, is get outside and shoot.

It was cold, wet and shooting landscapes isn’t something I do regularly. It was a nice, fun and educational morning.

[PitsLamp shorts] Speed

Racing at Spa-Franchorchamps by Filip Bunkens (Pitslamp)) on 500px.com

It’s not everyday you get the chance to try something different. During a weekend in Stavelot, Sara and I got the chance to walk and photograph freely at the circuit of Spa-Francorchamps.

[PitsLamp shorts] Andy

[PitsLamp-Portret] Andy Lemaire by Filip Bunkens (Pitslamp)) on 500px.com

I’m converting all my portrait photography to film and a while ago I did a very short session with Andy, a fellow photographer. Andy was such a great subject to shoot that after 1 roll of 36 photos we already had several really good shots

I’ll be doing more of these short posts, to full fill my promise, I made a couple of posts back.

Samsung NX200 review

[Samsung nx200] Long exposures by Filip Bunkens (Pitslamp)) on 500px.com

As a photographer, I get to test new cameras once in a while. That’s how I got my hands on a Samsung NX200 camera, a mirror less camera with exchangeable lenses. I’m skipping the technical details, as that’s outside the scope of this blog. If you’re interested in a more technical review, check out my other blog

I used the NX200 during an extensive period as my everyday camera, it’s light, quite small and pretty fast. I have used some other mirror less cameras before and let me start with saying it’s not the best mirror less camera I have used till now, but definitely not the worst either. However I haven’t found a mirror less camera that is perfect.

[Samsung nx200] NOTP

My first encounter with the NX200 was when Samsung invited me to the Night of the Proms in Antwerp in the beginning of last november. Everyone invited, was given an NX200 camera and the permission to photograph during the concert. As the camera looks like a point and shoot, you can easily take it to a concert and use there, but it’s not ideal.

The camera is small so pretty hard to keep it steady, there is no viewfinder so you need to shoot with the LCD and you need a rather large lens to get a nice shot. Next to those inconveniences there’s also the fact that above iso 800 you get a lot of noise, which for me ruins a photo.

[Samsung nx200] Long exposures by Filip Bunkens (Pitslamp)) on 500px.com

However, when you stay below 800 iso, I really like the camera. The interface is very intuitive, the quality of the lenses and build quality of the camera is very good. Even very long exposures in color almost don’t show any noise on low iso’s, as you can see in the photo above.

[Samsung nx200] Logitech F540

The hot shoe on the nx200 is a very nice extra, it makes it possible to use the nx200 with pocketwizards or other off camera flash triggers. This makes that even in a studio this camera can be pretty useful.


© Sara VdV

One of the other features, that’s very useful are the presets, I really do like the B/W one, but Samsung has decided to go a step further, they even included some lomo-style effects.

[Samsung nx200] NOTP

These effects can be added during shooting or afterwards. Although I like to edit my photos afterwards myself, the filters are quite nice and can be useful when you have to quickly deliver photos.

So overall I do like the camera especially for the intuitive interface and the good quality, but I’m not a fan of the image quality in the higher ISO range. If Samsung would solve that problem, this camera or it successor will be awesome. If you are looking for a camera during your vacation, I would highly recommend this one, but make sure to get yourself a decent flash for evening photography.

Happy Newyear

Because of different visions, we have parted ways and I’m no longer a part of Stijlhard.

2011 has been a mad year for me and I guess and hope 2012 will be even more crazy. The biggest thing that happened in 2011 is that together we Dimitri Janssens and Steven Janssens we decided to join our specialities and we formed Stijlhard.

Stijlhard is an agency for everything concept and image related. We do video, photography, graphic design. We start with your idea, convert it into a concept and realize it into an end product. For more info go and checkout our website.

As for my blog, I’ll try to post more regularly, so that you all can stay update on what’s going on at the PitsLamp offices. I’m planning to rock 2012 with my existing and new customers.

A film camera and a friend saved my assignment

[PitsLamp-event] Albert Heijn Hamsterweken

Lately I’m photographing on a regular basis for Albert Heijn in Brasschaat. That was what I intended to do yesterday too.

But apparently I had a off day, because I forgot my memory cards at home. Now Albert Heijn is not exactly around the corner for me, so driving back to get my cards was no option. Luckily a good friend of mine lives around the corner and he was willing to bring me a new card.

Off course the assignment had already started and I was still standing there unable to work, since a couple of weeks I have a film camera in my bag, always loaded with film. So after a call with the client, I decided to start the assignment on film.

In the end it all worked out and I learned 2 valuable lessons, first of all always have a back-up card in your car. Second whatever happens, you can still finish the assignment, it might be more difficult but it’s possible.

The kingdom vs Sony alpha 900

A couple of weeks ago, Sony gave me a alpha 900 to test during some weeks. As is becoming a habit lately I’m not very into reviewing the technical aspects or comparing it to other cameras. Instead I try the camera in a real life situation.

I’ve been looking into a making a stop-motion video for some time now. So this was the perfect opportunity to try this out.

I didn’t want to make just any stop-motion, but do it as a kind of a video clip for a song with a meaning. So I chose The kingdom of Milow. A number about the current political situation in Belgium

Have a look at the result below. Just to be clear it is not the official video of The Kingdom.

Proof of concept: Milow – The Kingdom from PitsLamp on Vimeo.

It took me 13 hours to make the video and couldn’t have done it without the help of my great girlfriend. Also I asked and got permission of Milow to use his song in this video, which I’m very grateful for.

Tales on Film

[Mamiya RB67] Rolleiflex standard 622

Over a year ago I started to shoot with analog cameras and I really enjoy it, as you maybe already noticed on twitter or facebook. Since January I also have a blog about film photography, you can find it at talesonfilm.com.

Everybody interested in film photography make sure to check it out. But also everybody that wants to have a shoot on film, don’t hesitate to contact me for a quote.