[PitsLamp-short] Portrait I.

It’s been a while, in the last 6 months lots of stuff happened in work, social and personal life. All of which stopped me from updating, all excuses I know, so here is a recent photo to make it up.


Earlier this year, I got to test a sony A7 camera and I kinda fell in love with it. So after a busy summer, I purchased one and I also got some adaptors to use the vast collection of old lenses I have laying around. I tested this out in my studio last night and did a short portrait session with I.

Time lapse experiment Plakias

During the summer of 2004 and 2005, I lived in Crete in a small village called Plakias or as the regular visitors call it Planet P. It’s a small village on the south coast of Crete., it’s magical and I lost part of my heart there.

Visitors of Plakias should know the 3 lies before going there:

  1. I’m not drinking tonight
  2. I’m leaving tomorrow
  3. I love you

During our visit at the end of April, beginning of May this year, I tried to capture the beauty of nature in a short time lapse. As we were on a vacation, I did not spend too much time capturing the time lapse sequences and I did not redo any part that looks a bit flickery. It was my first decent attempt at a time lapse video and all in all I’m very satisfied with the result. Enjoy

For the technical part, I used a 5d MKII on sraw setting combined with a tripod and a Triggertrap dongle with triggertrap mobile on the iPhone. I edited the raw images with Lightroom and LRTimelapse. The photo sequence was processed into a video with Time Lapse assembler and the final editing was done in Final cut pro X.

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