[PitsLamp-short] Portrait I.

It’s been a while, in the last 6 months lots of stuff happened in work, social and personal life. All of which stopped me from updating, all excuses I know, so here is a recent photo to make it up.


Earlier this year, I got to test a sony A7 camera and I kinda fell in love with it. So after a busy summer, I purchased one and I also got some adaptors to use the vast collection of old lenses I have laying around. I tested this out in my studio last night and did a short portrait session with I.



Those that have met me during the last 5 year have probably seen the “Pitsmobiel”. It was a black Citroën Berlingo, as it was a lease for 5 year, the lease ended yesterday. I already received my new “Pitsmobiel” a Ford Focus last saturday, so I decided to do a little photoshoot.

I asked my intern/assistant Ilja to stay till dark and with some more help, we created this photo with only 5 speedlights and a long exposure.

Paris in the rain


View from Montmartre in Paris

Tourist view

Tourists watching the view in the rain in Paris


Metro de Paris

Concentration and emotions


During my job today for Lotto at Super prestige cyclocross in Gavere I had the chance to photograph some of the cyclists. I love the difference in concentration and emotions, I managed to capture on such a short time.






[I shoot people] I.

Film noir: Detective

Yesterday I was shooting with I. for a upcoming project with the large format camera. We had some time left after the shoot and decided to do some fun stuff. Here are the results, enjoy.

20130612_MN_idoia_pouilliers-1743 20130612_MN_idoia_pouilliers-1782 20130612_MN_idoia_pouilliers-1807 20130612_MN_idoia_pouilliers-1831 20130612_MN_idoia_pouilliers-1833 20130612_MN_idoia_pouilliers-1886

Time lapse experiment Plakias

During the summer of 2004 and 2005, I lived in Crete in a small village called Plakias or as the regular visitors call it Planet P. It’s a small village on the south coast of Crete., it’s magical and I lost part of my heart there.

Visitors of Plakias should know the 3 lies before going there:

  1. I’m not drinking tonight
  2. I’m leaving tomorrow
  3. I love you

During our visit at the end of April, beginning of May this year, I tried to capture the beauty of nature in a short time lapse. As we were on a vacation, I did not spend too much time capturing the time lapse sequences and I did not redo any part that looks a bit flickery. It was my first decent attempt at a time lapse video and all in all I’m very satisfied with the result. Enjoy

For the technical part, I used a 5d MKII on sraw setting combined with a tripod and a Triggertrap dongle with triggertrap mobile on the iPhone. I edited the raw images with Lightroom and LRTimelapse. The photo sequence was processed into a video with Time Lapse assembler and the final editing was done in Final cut pro X.

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[PitsLamp-shorts] Portrait of strangers

Mamiya RB67 portrait in the streets of Ghent

In the beginning of april, I went out with Stijn to photograph some strangers, while Stijn used his digital camera, I took 2 photos, 1 polaroid to give to the people and one for myself on black and white film.

It was a test in efficiency, I wanted to capture the person in just one photo, nothing more, nothing less. It did not work out every time, but I love the result in the photo above.

Also read Stijn’s report of the day: Improve communication skills, shoot a stranger

All the portraits

Mamiya RB67 portrait in the streets of Ghent

Mamiya RB67 portrait in the streets of Ghent

Mamiya RB67 portrait in the streets of Ghent

[PitsLamp short] Stop motion cinemagraph

stop motion cinemagraph nespresso

I like stop motion, but it takes a lot of time. Sara needed some photos of the limited edition Napoli and Trieste of Nespresso and off course I’m the one making those. However having spend way too much time working at the computer lately, I decided to do something fun and combine a cinemagraph and stop motion, 2 things I love, but rarely get around to doing. After about an hour, this is the result. Enjoy

Film noir

Film noir test

Sometimes you need to challenge yourself and get outside of that comfort zone. I always liked the look of film noir very much, it’s dramatic, dark and is beautiful for both genders. It also works marvelous in black and white which is perfect for my portraits on film.

When I tried to create look for the first time during a sweet summer evening, I couldn’t get the perfect look. So I asked Stijn to help me figure out what I was doing wrong and pose for me.

Film noir test 2

We used a speedlight with a long snoot and another one almost completely blacked out.

I think I can say, successful test and another lighting trick in the bag.

Project #30303030: Results part 2

These are the results of Project #30303030 part 2

Project #30303030: Annette D'hertefelt by Filip Bunkens (Pitslamp) on 500px.com

Annette D’hertefelt

Project #30303030: Simon Schoeters by Filip Bunkens (Pitslamp) on 500px.com

Simon Schoeters

Project #30303030: Fredo De Smet and family by Filip Bunkens (Pitslamp) on 500px.com

Fredo De Smet and family

Project #30303030: Annabelle Standaert by Filip Bunkens (Pitslamp) on 500px.com

Annabelle Standaert

Project #30303030: Kimberly Desmet by Filip Bunkens (Pitslamp) on 500px.com

Kimberly Desmet

Project #30303030: Jorn Urbain by Filip Bunkens (Pitslamp) on 500px.com

Jorn Urbain

Project #30303030: Ann Glorieus by Filip Bunkens (Pitslamp) on 500px.com

Project #30303030: David De Doncker by Filip Bunkens (Pitslamp) on 500px.com

Ann Glorieus and David De Doncker