Polaroid photo booth: The broken circle breakdown


Sunday night the Belgian film, The broken circle breakdown, was nominated and in running to receive an oscar. In Ghent the film festival of ghent organised a party in the Sandton Grand hotel Reylof to watch the award ceremony live on a big screen with the cast, Prince Laurent of Belgium and some more VIPS.

They’ve asked “In a moment”, the photo booth collective of me and my colleague Stijn Vandenbussche to setup a polaroid photo booth at the event. Stijn could not make it because he is currently enjoying carnival in Rio, so I asked my former intern Ilja to help me out. We set up the studio and shot polaroids during the whole evening. Below you can find some impressions of the evening and in this video which aired on cafe corsari, a belgian national television program, you can see me at work around the 2min45sec mark.

If you want to book us for a photo booth, go check out the website of inamoment.be

Polaroid photo booth drying line

Polaroid photo booth: picking your photo

Polaroid photo booth: Photographer

Polaroid photo booth: setup

Workshop film photography and darkroom

Workshop film photography

Lately I get quite some questions about film photography, so I decided to start with some workshop on the topic.

22/06/2013: Workshop film photography: intro

In this workshop the topics will be:

  • Different types of film cameras
  • Different types of film
  • The relation between films, settings and surroundings
  • You got the ability to photograph with several of 60+ film cameras, ranging from half-frame till 4×5 inch large format cameras
  • You’ll learn to develop film, black/white and colour


  • Location: Aalst
  • Datum: 22/06/2013 from 9 am till 5 pm
  • Limited number of seats, maximum 7 seats
  • All materials will be provided, but you can bring your own camera and film if you want (no E6-film)
  • Price: 129 euro (excl. VAT)

Subscribe by sending an e-mail to workshop@pitslamp.be

Workshop darkroom

06/07/2013: Workshop black and white darkroom printing: intro

This workshop requires a knowledge of film development and an developed black and white film. The topics of this workshop include:

  • How to build a darkroom and what to keep in mind
  • Difference between enlargers
  • The different material needed and why
  • Techniques and how to solve certain problems
  • You’ll print 1 of your own pictures and take it with you afterwards


  • Location: Aalst
  • Datum: 06/07/2013 from 9 am till 5 pm
  • Limited number of seats, maximum 5 seats
  • All material will be provided, bring one developed black and white film yourself
  • Price: 199 euro (ex. VAT)

Subscribe by sending an e-mail to workshop@pitslamp.be

If you want to attend both workshop the price is only 299 euro (ex. VAT)

Large format camera experiment

Large format camera portrait, Filip Bunkens

When I got some expired large format (4×5 inch) Polaroid film from Helena, I immediately wanted to experiment with it. Sadly enough I don’t have a large format camera, but I know people that do.

After a bit of texting back and forth, I met up with Ian and his Toyo 4×5 large format camera. We set out to create some large format portraits in the city centre of Ghent. It took all our combined film photography knowledge, but we managed to get some usable portraits.

Large format camera portrait, Ellen

We wanted to have everything ready before we started taking portraits of passers by, so off course I had to be the subject, as you can see at the top of this article. After we got it all working, we started to ask strangers to pose for a portrait, Ellen was so kind to help us out. Although the print is a bit light, because of the unpredictable expired film, I still like it. It may well be that it’s only because it was my first time using a large format camera.

Anyway the experiment was a success and I have something new to add to my wishlist. I really want to have and use one of those cameras.

Although not yet with a large format camera, take your chance to book an analogue portrait shoot. You get a signed large darkroom print and decide afterwards what it’s worth to you: More info

[PitsLamp shorts] Tom

Tom by Filip Bunkens (Pitslamp) on 500px.com

It took more then a year, but Tom, a very talented sports photographer, finally made it to our house.

We have a rule that everybody who comes by the house has to be photographed on some kind of a polaroid, so we did a quick portrait in the garden

[PitsLamp shorts] Sara

Sara by Filip Bunkens (Pitslamp) on 500px.com

My new 180mm and Polaroid back for the Mamiya RB67 finally arrived and as always my first photo with new material is of my wonderful girlfriend Saravdv.