Those that have met me during the last 5 year have probably seen the “Pitsmobiel”. It was a black Citroën Berlingo, as it was a lease for 5 year, the lease ended yesterday. I already received my new “Pitsmobiel” a Ford Focus last saturday, so I decided to do a little photoshoot.

I asked my intern/assistant Ilja to stay till dark and with some more help, we created this photo with only 5 speedlights and a long exposure.

[PitsLamp-shorts] Portrait of strangers

Mamiya RB67 portrait in the streets of Ghent

In the beginning of april, I went out with Stijn to photograph some strangers, while Stijn used his digital camera, I took 2 photos, 1 polaroid to give to the people and one for myself on black and white film.

It was a test in efficiency, I wanted to capture the person in just one photo, nothing more, nothing less. It did not work out every time, but I love the result in the photo above.

Also read Stijn’s report of the day: Improve communication skills, shoot a stranger

All the portraits

Mamiya RB67 portrait in the streets of Ghent

Mamiya RB67 portrait in the streets of Ghent

Mamiya RB67 portrait in the streets of Ghent

I shoot, you decide: the results


First of all, a happy New Year to all of you.

During last month I launched a little project, some of you might know this, for the others, here is a short sitwrap. I proposed a shoot on black and white film with as a result 2 a5 and 1 a4 print. After seeing the result, the client got to decide what all this is worth to them.

At announcement and during the month of december I got asked to share the results. So here it goes

The project ran from the 24th november till the 24th of december. During this period I received 4 bookings, here are some facts about the clients.

  • 3 knew me before the project
  • 1 found my action through facebook
  • 1 couple, 2 sisters, 1 family and 1 portraitshoot
  • 20 to 30 photos per shoot

The question I heard the most was: “Aren’t you going to cut in your own flesh with this project?” Here are the numbers

  • 2 to 3 times transport, 2h of shoots and at least 2h darkroom work
  • Cost of the material for every shoot: 50 euro
  • Normal price: 200 to 250 euro
  • Average amount payed per shoot: 190 euro
  • Average extra order: 75 euro
  • Average total amount per shoot: 265 euro

As the results show, the perceived value of the shoot is very close to the price I put on the shoot. I’m satisfied with the results and had loads of fun working with these clients.

Due to the success I’ll repeat the I shoot, you decide project again at certain points in time. Every time the package will change a bit. Follow here for more info.

Help-portrait Belgium


For the 4th year in a row, I’m organising during the second weekend of december together with some other photographers Help-portrait in Belgium.


As the image above explains, the goal of Help-portrait is to find somebody that can’t afford a photoshoot, photograph them and give them their printed portrait to take home.

Help-portrait is an idea from American celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart, it started in 2009 when Jeremy wanted to give something back instead of always taking photos. Since then it has grown enormously, at last count, there are 16500 photographers in 60 different countries and on 1800 locations that participate in the event. Together they already donated 200 000 portraits.

Today I had an interview on the local radiostation Katanga, about Help-portrait, which is held this saturday the 8th of december 2012 in the event hall of the KAHO Sint-Lieven (kwalestraat 154, aalst). You can listen to the interview below, keep in mind it is in dutch however.

Also don’t forget you can still book a portrait session and decide yourself how much it’s worth: more info