Those that have met me during the last 5 year have probably seen the “Pitsmobiel”. It was a black Citroën Berlingo, as it was a lease for 5 year, the lease ended yesterday. I already received my new “Pitsmobiel” a Ford Focus last saturday, so I decided to do a little photoshoot.

I asked my intern/assistant Ilja to stay till dark and with some more help, we created this photo with only 5 speedlights and a long exposure.

[Packshots] Nespresso Kazaar and Dharkan

Nespresso Kazaar and Dharkan packshot

As you probably know by now, my girlfriend Sara receives a lot of review products for her blog. As she has a photographer around, she hands of the photography to me. If I have the time, I do like to play around a bit with techniques I haven’t used before. Especially if the subject is new tastes from Nespresso, mainly because I live on coffee.

Although I’m not a big fan of most Nespresso tastes, but the new, previously limited, kazaar and dharkan tastes I do love. Nespresso has a great brand and always uses great photography. Every time I do a shoot with Nespresso capsules, I try to interpret the brand and the tastes as I see it. On the Nespresso intensity scale, Kazaar and Dharkan, are respectively 12 and 11 and so they are of the scale. I tried to show this in the photos.

Next to the above, I also wanted to use fluids moved by the vibrations of music from a speaker. This made for the perfect combination to play around. So free afternoon, my inspiration, 1 song on repeat and a huge amount of coffee, resulted in the following images.

Hit me with your comments. Also if anybody from Nespresso reads this, you can book me if you like these.

Nespresso Kazaar and Dharkan packshot Nespresso Kazaar and Dharkan packshot Nespresso Kazaar and Dharkan packshot Nespresso Kazaar and Dharkan packshot Nespresso Kazaar and Dharkan packshot Nespresso Kazaar and Dharkan packshot Nespresso Kazaar and Dharkan packshot Nespresso Kazaar and Dharkan packshot

Nespresso packshots

Nespresso packshots caramelito

Sara, my girlfriend, regularly gets products to test and review for her blog. Off course as a photographer, I can’t resist the urge to use them to test out new techniques or ideas. So it happens that yesterday afternoon, I was standing in the living room, shooting Nespresso packshots with hot chocolate, milk and coffee.

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Nespresso packshots vanilio

Nespresso packshots Ciocattino

Time lapse experiment Plakias

During the summer of 2004 and 2005, I lived in Crete in a small village called Plakias or as the regular visitors call it Planet P. It’s a small village on the south coast of Crete., it’s magical and I lost part of my heart there.

Visitors of Plakias should know the 3 lies before going there:

  1. I’m not drinking tonight
  2. I’m leaving tomorrow
  3. I love you

During our visit at the end of April, beginning of May this year, I tried to capture the beauty of nature in a short time lapse. As we were on a vacation, I did not spend too much time capturing the time lapse sequences and I did not redo any part that looks a bit flickery. It was my first decent attempt at a time lapse video and all in all I’m very satisfied with the result. Enjoy

For the technical part, I used a 5d MKII on sraw setting combined with a tripod and a Triggertrap dongle with triggertrap mobile on the iPhone. I edited the raw images with Lightroom and LRTimelapse. The photo sequence was processed into a video with Time Lapse assembler and the final editing was done in Final cut pro X.

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Cinemagraphs in product shots

Nespresso Linizio lungo product shot animation

Whenever Sara receives a new product to review on her blog. I’m the one taking the product shots. Mainly, because it allows me to play and experiment with new things.

Something I was thinking of trying since I saw it are cinemagraphs invented by “From me to you”. Cinemagraphs are photos but with subtle motion in. It fascinates me, so I tried it out myself.

Campbells product shot animation

Although I’m not yet where I want to be, I do like the results. I would like the motion to be more subtle, but I can tell you it’s not easy creating these photos. If you want to do it with products it takes time and preparation. Anyway it’s really fun to do and I’m sure there will be more product shots like these.

Large format camera experiment

Large format camera portrait, Filip Bunkens

When I got some expired large format (4×5 inch) Polaroid film from Helena, I immediately wanted to experiment with it. Sadly enough I don’t have a large format camera, but I know people that do.

After a bit of texting back and forth, I met up with Ian and his Toyo 4×5 large format camera. We set out to create some large format portraits in the city centre of Ghent. It took all our combined film photography knowledge, but we managed to get some usable portraits.

Large format camera portrait, Ellen

We wanted to have everything ready before we started taking portraits of passers by, so off course I had to be the subject, as you can see at the top of this article. After we got it all working, we started to ask strangers to pose for a portrait, Ellen was so kind to help us out. Although the print is a bit light, because of the unpredictable expired film, I still like it. It may well be that it’s only because it was my first time using a large format camera.

Anyway the experiment was a success and I have something new to add to my wishlist. I really want to have and use one of those cameras.

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Happy accident

Happy mistake: Tunde Fekete

Sometimes all you need to get great looking photos is a stupid mistake on your part. Let me explain that.

Last week, I was helping out a fellow photographer Gunther Frans during a portfolio shoot. As Gunther was working with a very experienced hungarian model, I asked if I could take some shots with my Mamiya RB67. I wanted to test some new film and try out the RB67 in a studio setting.

Happy Mistake: Tünde Fekete

After finishing the roll of Rollei Retro 80S I unloaded the camera, licked the paper closing strip and threw it in my bag. Apparently due to the high temperature in Gunther’s studio, the closing strip came lose and when I got home, the roll was partially unravelled. I should have put it in it’s container, taped it shut and only take it out of the container in my darkbag. Off course I presumed the roll would be ruined but just for the heck of it, I developed it anyway.

As expected most of the roll was overexposed, but I managed to recover 4 images, of which 2 turned out absolutely great. Now I need to figure out a way to get consistent results with this kind of light leaks.