[Workshops] New dates

Veronique portrait

Today I’m announcing new workshops. As there is some interest in film photography and/or darkroom, I’ve setup 3 workshops during the following months.

The workshops will be available in either English, Dutch and/or French. They will be held in my personal darkroom in Sart-Risbart in Brabant-Wallon, at 20 minutes from Brussels, Leuven and Namen.

For the workshops with photography, we are located in a picturesque village in the countryside and there will be time to go outside to take pictures.

If you are interested go check the dates and specifics over at my Workshops page

Updates and announcements

Beach Nieuwpoort floating sand

I finally got around of setting back everything like it used to be on the site, while I was doing that, I decided to split off all film photography related things, add some pages, setup some promos and add a new payment method.

So let me give you an overview:

More bugfixes and features on the website will be coming soon, but these were the most important.

It took a lot more time then expected because of another new development in my life. I became a parent at the end of July and it’s amazing how much time such a little human can take up.