Polaroid event studio

Polaroid photobooth clothing line

Polaroids on your event

Do you consider a photobooth, photo maton or flash pole on your event, go a step further and offer an unique experience for your guests. Let me setup a traditional polaroid photo studio with an traditional large format camera as seen in the picture below.

Polaroid large format camera

Traditional polaroids

The polaroids are traditional photo paper, I don’t use digital prints to simulate the effect. The photos are unique, retro and there is only one copy.

Polaroid large format photo


The polaroids can be inserted in a branded frame, can be branded by putting a custom background. 60 seconds after shooting, the polaroids are ready to be delivered, they can be presented on a clothing line or handed out.

Social media

If you want to upload the photos we can setup a digital camera that shoots simultaneously a digital photo of the exact same setup at the same time.

These uploads can be near instant, we can upload to your website, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, 500px and many more…

For a price please contact me at polaroid@pitslamp.com