[Workshops] New dates

Veronique portrait

Today I’m announcing new workshops. As there is some interest in film photography and/or darkroom, I’ve setup 3 workshops during the following months.

The workshops will be available in either English, Dutch and/or French. They will be held in my personal darkroom in Sart-Risbart in Brabant-Wallon, at 20 minutes from Brussels, Leuven and Namen.

For the workshops with photography, we are located in a picturesque village in the countryside and there will be time to go outside to take pictures.

If you are interested go check the dates and specifics over at my Workshops page

Workshop film photography and darkroom

Workshop film photography

Lately I get quite some questions about film photography, so I decided to start with some workshop on the topic.

22/06/2013: Workshop film photography: intro

In this workshop the topics will be:

  • Different types of film cameras
  • Different types of film
  • The relation between films, settings and surroundings
  • You got the ability to photograph with several of 60+ film cameras, ranging from half-frame till 4×5 inch large format cameras
  • You’ll learn to develop film, black/white and colour


  • Location: Aalst
  • Datum: 22/06/2013 from 9 am till 5 pm
  • Limited number of seats, maximum 7 seats
  • All materials will be provided, but you can bring your own camera and film if you want (no E6-film)
  • Price: 129 euro (excl. VAT)

Subscribe by sending an e-mail to workshop@pitslamp.be

Workshop darkroom

06/07/2013: Workshop black and white darkroom printing: intro

This workshop requires a knowledge of film development and an developed black and white film. The topics of this workshop include:

  • How to build a darkroom and what to keep in mind
  • Difference between enlargers
  • The different material needed and why
  • Techniques and how to solve certain problems
  • You’ll print 1 of your own pictures and take it with you afterwards


  • Location: Aalst
  • Datum: 06/07/2013 from 9 am till 5 pm
  • Limited number of seats, maximum 5 seats
  • All material will be provided, bring one developed black and white film yourself
  • Price: 199 euro (ex. VAT)

Subscribe by sending an e-mail to workshop@pitslamp.be

If you want to attend both workshop the price is only 299 euro (ex. VAT)

[April fools day] Digital is dead, long live film photography

[UPDATE] This blogpost was an April fools day joke, I will still be doing digital and film.

Vredebox: the start of my film photography

The last 2 weeks were very quiet over here and I’m sorry for that, but I have a really good reason for it, several reasons as a matter a fact. First of all it just have been very busy weeks, with a 4 day trip to the UK, a lot of shoots and other work. However the most important reason is that I have been struggling and debating with myself to make a lot of changes in my photography business.

6 years ago when I started this business, it was a second income and a hobby. That has changed a lot since then, not only the way I look at it, but also my own photographic style, life but also the medium I use for photography. I started out doing everything digital but I felt like something was missing in the way I was working. When I started photographing on film a couple of years ago, I almost immediately knew what had been missing till then.

Since 2009 I have come to master the whole process of film photography, starting with the different types of cameras, developing my own film and even printing in the darkroom on different surfaces. That also brought an important change, I was spending less time at the computer. Spending less time at the computer was one of the arguments to become a full time photographer, because I used to be a front-end webdeveloper.

Because of all the reasons I mentioned above, I have been debating to quit doing digital photography for clients. Don’t get me wrong, this is a huge leap and I did not make this decision overnight. It’s been on my mind for some weeks now and I also have been investigating the whole thing, to make sure it is possible. So now that I have convinced myself that it is possible, I’ll just have to jump in the deep end.

From today on I won’t be doing any digital photography for clients and will only focus on black and white film photography!

What’s the impact of my switch to film photography for you as a client?

All in all, not that much is going to change, a list:

  • I’ll still be shooting events, advertising and portraits like before, the only difference is that everything will be black and white
  • Everything will still be billed on a project basis, I won’t charge per roll of film or hourly.
  • You’ll still get a selection of the images in high res and web, but the originals will be on black and white film
  • My standard post processing time will stay 5 working days, the only difference is that processing on location won’t be possible anymore
  • The biggest change is off course the lack of colour, I will only be shooting black and white.

During the coming weeks, everything here will change accordingly. I wanted to have everything ready to be changed today, but due to the busy past weeks, that didn’t work out.

I’m very excited for the future and hope that all of you will support this change and help me get the word out by sharing this blogpost.