[PitsLamp short] After the storm

Maléves-Sainte-Marie-Wastines after the thunderstorm

Like a lot of photographers, I went outside into the thunderstorm to try and make some lightning shots. This time I did not manage to capture anything useful, that’ll be for next time, when I’m better prepared.

Hay drying

As you can see in the photos above I managed to capture a rather interesting photo afterwards when the thunderstorm had passed and the rain was evaporating under a pastel sunset.

Paris in the rain


View from Montmartre in Paris

Tourist view

Tourists watching the view in the rain in Paris


Metro de Paris

Archive – 2008

landscape 2008

Last 2 weeks I had an intern over here and while we were browsing through my archives, he noticed I have a lot of pictures I never published. So I decided to post some images from my archives. This will be a regular feature, some images may be reposts.

In the first post I’ll post some landscapes from 2008.


Sunset over the sea

landscape 2008

landscape 2008

landscape 2008

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