[PitsLamp short] Smokey, the snail

Smoke and the baby snail

Sometimes everything comes together as if it is meant to be. I was researching small smoke machines on the internet when the baby snail showed up in one of our flowers inside the house. So I decided to test some things.

Baby snail and his smokey brother

And about an hour later, this happened, the smoke replicated the image of the baby snail.

Baby snail skidding

The photos were made with an iPhone as lighting and the smoke from an e-cigarette (no nicotine) on our coffee table.

Disclaimer: no baby snails were harmed in the making of these photos.

[PitsLamp-short] Portrait I.

It’s been a while, in the last 6 months lots of stuff happened in work, social and personal life. All of which stopped me from updating, all excuses I know, so here is a recent photo to make it up.


Earlier this year, I got to test a sony A7 camera and I kinda fell in love with it. So after a busy summer, I purchased one and I also got some adaptors to use the vast collection of old lenses I have laying around. I tested this out in my studio last night and did a short portrait session with I.

[PitsLamp shorts] iMinds advertising banner

iMinds advertising photo

In October the independent research facility IBBT changed it’s name to iMinds. They hired me to do some advertising photography for the resulting campaign.

This image was shot on a green key and extracted in Photoshop so it could be used in the design.

Don’t forget you can still book a portrait session with a big signed darkroom portrait print and decide yourself how much it’s worth: More info

[PitsLamp-shorts] Kristoff

PitsLamp Photography: Portrait Kristoff

After Help-portrait, Kristoff asked me to make a quick portrait of him. I literally shot 9 photos in less then 5 minutes, but Kristoff is a natural, so it worked out great.